Best Late Night Restaurants Near Me to Grab a Bite!

late night restaurants near me

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Here are five late-night restaurants near me that will get you fed after the clock strikes midnight. It’s 11 PM and you’re hungry, but all the restaurants are closed. Luckily, you can still find places to eat at late night if you know where to look! Whether you want to get wings and beer with friends or grab some food on your way home from work,

Late-night restaurants near me Delicious Peruvian Food

Late Night Restaurants Near Me

Dorema is one of the best late-night restaurants near me, located in Roscoe Village. Its menu changes with the seasons but there’s always an incredible selection of flavorful and authentic dishes. My favourite dish is Pescado y Camarones – these delicious seafood bites will satisfy any late-night cravings you may have and they’re only $10.

If you’re looking for some indulgent pasta, Piero offers your favourite comfort food dish anytime, any day of the week – in fact, it’s open until 4 am on weekends so you’ll never miss out again!


Asian Comfort Food late-night restaurants near me

Late Night Restaurants Near Me

We know it’s usually hard enough to get back into the routine after the holidays, but then there’s that ahhh moment when you need some good Asian comfort food in your life. Now, it may seem like most late-night restaurants near me don’t offer anything specific for those craving Asian cuisine, but we have something for everyone. Whether you’re living on campus and need an easy delivery or grabbing take-out while watching TV with friends, here are the best late-night restaurants near me where you can find delicious Asian comfort food:

 Abe Froman – Located at 6708 Lasalle Ave in Union City, Abe Froman is one of the best late night restaurants near me if you want some classic Korean dishes with a Korean twist.


Burgers late-night restaurants near me

Late Night Restaurants Near Me

One of the best late-night restaurants near me is Ernie’s Burger Shack, known for its all-natural burgers. In the mood for some chicken? I hear great things about El Pollo Loco. If you’re looking for pizza, you can’t go wrong with Domino’s Pizza- it’s delicious, has great customer service and delivers straight to your door. Finally, who doesn’t love Mexican food? Head over to Taco Bell if that’s what you’re craving at this hour.



Late Night Restaurants Near Me

The best late night restaurants near me would have to be Dominos pizza for the most part. They deliver 24 hours and you can order anything off their menu, just as long as it’s available in your area. Plus, there’s something so satisfying about knowing that when you order Dominos that they’re going to show up with some piping hot pizza in your hands, like their life depends on it.

That being said, if I’m feeling daring I might order over at Papa John’s because they do deliver late too. Sure, you may have to wait 15-20 minutes but sometimes we’re hungry now and don’t care how long the delivery takes. But honestly? Papa John’s isn’t my favorite even though they’re closer than Dominos.


Mexican Cuisine

Late Night Restaurants Near Me

Late night Mexican food has never been easier than with these best late night restaurants near me. Whether you’re looking for tacos, burritos, or quesadillas, this list of the best late night restaurants near me will have your mouth watering in no time.
-Charlie’s Tacos is one of the best late day restaurant near me, open from 11pm-4am and located on Sunset Blvd. Their fast casual format allows for quick ordering and takeout for those looking for something easy on their late night trek home.
-Muchas Gracias is also open from 11pm-4am and offer both food and drink options all throughout the night.



Here are the best late night restaurants near me for when you’re looking for some late night cuisine, we hope this helps: If you know of any late night spots around your area not on this list, let us know and we’ll update it accordingly. All of these places should be open until around 1-2am. These are in no particular order.

This list is for people that live near Toronto, Canada; not across the world. All of North America so take that into consideration before commenting/posting reviews about other parts of the world! We all have different tastes and preferences so here are our favorites. Relevant new article Click Here 

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