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Coffee Traveler

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The Starbucks Coffee Traveler is available in Austin, Texas and can be purchased online for a price of $59. It is a container that holds a hot beverage, allowing you to take it on the go.

It is designed to serve a large group of people and is perfect for events or gatherings. The Coffee Traveler keeps your drink hot or cold for an extended period of time, thanks to its leak-proof lid. It is a convenient and practical option for those who enjoy Starbucks coffee and need a portable solution.

Purchase your Coffee Traveler today and enjoy your favorite Starbucks drinks wherever you go.

Coffee Traveler  : Brewing Adventures


The Starbucks Coffee Traveler

The Starbucks Coffee Traveler is a popular choice among coffee enthusiasts who are constantly on the move. Whether you’re hosting a business meeting, going on a road trip, or organizing a social gathering, the Coffee Traveler brings the rich and bold flavors of Starbucks right to your fingertips. In this blog post, we’ll explore what exactly a Coffee Traveler is, how much it costs, and the serving size and varieties available.

What Is A Coffee Traveler?

A Coffee Traveler is an easily transportable container filled with fresh, hot Starbucks coffee. It is designed to provide a convenient solution for those who want to enjoy the taste of Starbucks coffee in a larger quantity, making it ideal for group settings or events. Each Coffee Traveler comes with a set serving size, ensuring that everyone can have their fair share of Starbucks goodness.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price of a Coffee Traveler may vary depending on the location and specific Starbucks store. However, on average, a Coffee Traveler from Starbucks costs around $25. The exact cost may also depend on the type of coffee blend you choose. While the price may seem higher compared to a single cup of coffee, keep in mind that the Coffee Traveler serves multiple people, making it a cost-effective option for larger gatherings.

Serving Size And Varieties

The Starbucks Coffee Traveler can serve up to 12 people, making it perfect for office meetings, family gatherings, or any occasion that calls for a good cup of coffee. It contains around 96 fluid ounces of coffee, which comes out to about twelve 8-ounce servings. It’s important to note that each Coffee Traveler is filled to the brim with Starbucks’ signature blends, including popular choices like Pike Place Roast and Veranda Blend.

Moreover, Starbucks offers a wide variety of coffee options to suit different taste preferences. Whether you prefer a bold, dark roast or a lighter, milder blend, the Coffee Traveler has options for everyone. Just ask your local Starbucks store for the available varieties, and they will be happy to provide you with their current selection.

So, the next time you find yourself in need of a large quantity of high-quality coffee, consider choosing the Starbucks Coffee Traveler. Its convenience, affordability, and range of flavors make it an excellent choice for both casual coffee drinkers and avid Starbucks fans alike.

The process of making and using a coffee traveler involves brewing a full batch of coffee and preparing the traveler box with a screw-on top. This convenient method allows for easy transport and serving of freshly brewed coffee, perfect for catering to a group of 12 people.

The Starbucks coffee traveler, for example, serves as a popular choice for those seeking a quality on-the-go coffee solution.

Brewing Coffee

Brewing coffee for your Coffee Traveler is a straightforward process that ensures you have a delicious and ready-to-serve batch of coffee on the go. Follow these steps to brew the perfect coffee:

  1. Start by grinding fresh coffee beans to a medium coarseness.
  2. Measure the desired amount of coffee grounds based on the number of servings you want to make. A general rule of thumb is to use one ounce of coffee grounds per eight ounces of water.
  3. Boil water and let it cool for a minute or two to reach the optimal brewing temperature of 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Place a coffee filter in the brew basket of your coffee maker and add the measured coffee grounds.
  5. Pour the hot water over the coffee grounds and allow the coffee maker to brew according to its instructions.
  6. Once the brewing process is complete, carefully remove the brew basket and discard the used coffee grounds.
  7. Give the brewed coffee a quick stir to ensure it is well mixed.

Remember, the quality of your coffee depends not only on the brewing process but also on the freshness of the beans. Using freshly roasted beans and grinding them just before brewing can greatly enhance the flavor and aroma of your coffee.

Serving And Transportation Tips

When it comes to serving and transporting your Coffee Traveler, there are a few key tips to keep in mind for the best experience:

  • Pre-warm the Coffee Traveler: Before pouring the brewed coffee into the Coffee Traveler, rinse it with hot water to pre-warm the container. This will help maintain the temperature of the coffee for a longer period.
  • Use the provided spigot: The Coffee Traveler comes equipped with a convenient spigot that allows for easy pouring and serving. Make sure to securely attach the spigot before filling it with coffee.
  • Seal the lid tightly: To prevent any spills or leaks during transportation, ensure that the lid of the Coffee Traveler is tightly sealed. This will help maintain the freshness and temperature of the coffee.
  • Store in a stable position: When transporting the Coffee Traveler, make sure to keep it in an upright and stable position. Avoid any sudden movements or tilts that may cause the liquid to spill or splash.
  • Serve with accompaniments: Provide your guests with a variety of accompaniments such as cream, sugar, stirrers, and cups. This allows them to customize their coffee according to their preferences.

By following these serving and transportation tips, you can ensure that your Coffee Traveler delivers a delightful coffee experience wherever you go. Whether it’s a family gathering, a picnic, or a business meeting, the Coffee Traveler is a convenient solution for serving delicious coffee in large quantities.


Alternative Travel Coffee Options



When you’re on the go, finding the perfect coffee solution can often be a challenge. Whether you’re commuting to work, going on a road trip, or heading out for a hike, having the right travel coffee option can make all the difference. In this post, we’ll explore some alternative travel coffee options that are perfect for satisfying your caffeine cravings no matter where you are.

Stainless Steel Travel Mugs

Stainless steel travel mugs are a durable and reliable option for on-the-go coffee enthusiasts. With their sleek design and ability to keep beverages hot for extended periods, these mugs are ideal for those who want their coffee to stay deliciously warm throughout the day. Brands like Contigo and Simple Modern offer a wide range of stylish and functional stainless steel travel mugs that are perfect for taking your favorite brew wherever you go.

Insulated Travel Coffee Mugs

Insulated travel coffee mugs are designed to maintain the temperature of your coffee for longer periods, ensuring that your drink stays at the perfect warmth for extended enjoyment. These mugs often come with leak-proof lids and are available in various sizes and designs to suit individual preferences. Offered by renowned brands such as Simple Modern and KeepCup, insulated travel coffee mugs are a convenient and eco-friendly choice for coffee lovers who are often on the move.

Portable Coffee Makers

For those who prefer freshly brewed coffee even when away from home, portable coffee makers are an excellent solution. Devices like the AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Maker provide the convenience of brewing a delicious cup of coffee anywhere, anytime. With their compact and lightweight designs, these portable coffee makers are perfect for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts who want to savor the taste of freshly brewed coffee no matter where their adventures take them.

The Art Of Packing Coffee For Travel

Discover the art of packing coffee for travel with the Coffee Traveler. This convenient companion allows you to enjoy your favorite brew on the go, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a long road trip. Say goodbye to bland coffee and hello to a fresh and flavorful cup wherever you are.


Best Practices For Keeping Coffee Fresh

Store coffee in an airtight container to maintain freshness longer.

Avoid exposure to sunlight and heat to preserve coffee flavor.

Keep coffee away from strong odors that can affect its taste.

Choosing The Right Container

Opt for a durable, leak-proof container to prevent spills during travel.

Select a container that is the right size to fit your coffee quantity.

Consider using a vacuum-sealed container for maximum freshness.

Avoiding Spills And Leaks

Use a secure lid or cap to seal the container tightly.

Place the coffee container in an upright position to prevent leakage.

Wrap the container in a towel or cloth for added protection in transit.

Exploring The Coffee Market Online And In-store Options

When it comes to purchasing coffee travelers, options are available both online and in-store. Online stanley1913, platforms like Starbucks offer convenient ordering and delivery services. stanley1913 In-store stanley1913, local cafes and specialty coffee shops provide a personal touch and immediate access.

Customization And Specialty Offerings

Customization and specialty offerings set different providers apart in the coffee traveler market. Starbucks allows customization of blends and sizes, catering to diverse preferences. Local cafes often feature unique, handcrafted blends and limited-time specialty options to entice customers.

Comparing Price Points

Price points for coffee travelers vary among different vendors, presenting buyers with a range of choices. In a price comparison, Starbucks’ coffee traveler may differ in cost from that of local cafes or online retailers. Factors such as brand, size, and included amenities influence the final price point.

Coffee Traveler  : Brewing Adventures


Frequently Asked Questions :


How Much Is A Coffee Traveler From Starbucks?

A coffee traveler from Starbucks costs $59. 00.

What Is A Coffee Traveler?

This is a box of freshly brewed coffee designed to serve a group, typically 8-12 people.

How Much Is A Box Of Coffee At Starbucks?

A box of coffee at Starbucks, known as a Traveler, typically costs around $25 to $28.

How Many People Does A Coffee Traveler Serve?

A Coffee from Starbucks serves 12 people. Perfect for groups and gatherings. Enjoy convenience and quality.


In the world of lovers, the Coffee Traveler emerges as a convenient and sustainable option for enjoying high-quality¬† on the go. Whether you’re planning a road trip or a picnic, this portable and eco-friendly container offers a perfect solution for ensuring a delightful coffee experience wherever your journey takes you.

Choose your favorite blend, fill the traveler, and savor the rich flavors with your travel companions.


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